Extracts from some letters and cards received over the past year

“To all our friends in Dealgan House Nursing Home we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for the wonderful; care, friendship, dignity and respect that each and every one of you gave to Mam in the year she spent with you. It was a very happy time for Mam and we always felt so welcome and felt like one big, happy family every time we visited.”
“To all who came to Mum’s funeral mass, we thank you. To have members of her Dealgan House family with us, meant the world to us. Mum’s ‘new home’, became Dad’s home and our home. It wasn’t an institution, it was a real home to our entire family, so Thank You!”
“Just to say thank you for everything. A fantastic, dedicated team, extremely professional at all times. Admirable to see such kind heartedness and understanding from each and every one of you. The care and tenderness shown not just to my father but to all of us, will not be forgotten”
“Thank you for the care, respect and love with which you treated Mummy. We could never thank you enough.”
“Words cannot express how grateful we are for the wonderful care given to our Mam. Her move to nursing home care has been made so much better for us because of all ye do. We know the next few months cannot be predicted, but we are so much more at ease knowing we have the support of such wonderful people to help Mam and us along that uncertain road.”
“To every single member of staff, although we don’t think of you as “STAFF”, we think of you as Mammy’s family. When we could not be with Mammy, we knew that she was being cared for by you, her second family.”